MEDIFLI is a Bio-dressing made of live medical grade Lucilla cuprina larvae or maggots. These particular fly species, in the larvae form are highly effective in the debridement and disinfection of chronic wounds. The process by which live maggots are placed in a necrotic wound is known as Maggot Debridement Therapy (MDT).

The two MEDIFLI products are: MEDIFLI Free-Range & MEDIFLI Baggots.

MEDIFLI maggots are able to debride necrotic zones at a cellular level and able to distinguish between health and unhealthy zones on a biochemical level. They actively reduce the bio-burden and simultaneous remove pathogenic microbes by consumption, removing and processing necrosis away from the wound bed. This MDT process does not traumatise the wound bed, and in fact stimulates granulation of the healthy tissue beneath. A successful MDT therapy is completed in a matter of days, reducing treatment time to achieve a positive clinical outcome, compared to traditional methods. Additionally, NO antibiotics are required during the standard MDT process.

The number of MEDIFLI maggots used in MDT is dependent on the size and depth of the wound and the amount of necrotic tissue present. Under the MEDIFLI protocol a recommended usage chart is provided to each clinicians as a guide to the number of MEDIFLI maggots required per MDT treatment cycle. As a “rule-of-thumb”, 5-8 MEDIFLI maggots are required per sq cm of necrotic wound.

Research data has shown that on average in Singapore, patients require approximately 800 MEDIFLI Maggots over 3 treatment cycles. Each cycle of treatment is 48 hours, hence on average a patient is fully debrided in the MDT process in under a week.

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