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To be the leader in creating and distributing biological products for chronic wound care globally. We shall work relentlessly towards our corporate vision to continually serve the community in saving limbs and lives

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Developed in 2008, and re-launched in 2019, Cuprina Pte Ltd is a Singapore headquartered medical device manufacturing and distribution company.

We specialize in the manufacture of MEDIFLI, a biological debridement product, derived from sterile medical grade maggots of the fly Lucilla cuprina. The MEDIFLI products are specifically used to effectively debride and manage infections associated with Chronic wounds.

Additionally, Cuprina Pte Ltd offers a variety of advance wound care products to manage granulation and epitilization, allowing Cuprina Pte Ltd to take a holistic approach by providing end-to-end solutions for the management of Chronic wounds.

The MEDIFLI products are manufactured to the ISO13485:2016 standards and satisfies all local government regulatory requirements. Cuprina Pte Ltd trains clinicians on the efficient use of the MEDIFLI products and our clients include Government Hospitals, Specialist clinicians and home care providers. Cuprina Pte Ltd is actively expanding beyond Singapore and intends to build manufacturing facilities and expand our distribution network across the Asian region.

With our high incidence of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and Peripheral Vascular Disease ( PVD) in Singapore, I am glad to know of Cuprina, where their members are dedicated to looking at wound management and research. With the high incidence of complications, diabetic foot ulcers and wounds from PVD and DM are some of the most challenging to manage. As such, if Maggot Debridement Therapy can be explored further and be used in a randomized control trial by some of our specialists in wound care in Singapore, it would be good to have our own results for our Singapore cohort of patients. Still unconventional, it has however been utilized by more and more specialists and podiatrists around the world with good results.
Professor Fatimah Lateef (SingHealth)
It has been a pleasure working with Carl & the rest of the team from Cuprina. From the start, the team from Cuprina have shown dedication, flexibility & professionalism. I have no doubt that Cuprina will be a success & I look forward to more collaborations in the future.
Dr Sanjay Nalachandran (Vein & General Surgery)

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